How we can help you

Whether it is personal or business, administration tasks can’t help creeping up on us and once the list starts, it can grow and grow and seem impossible to clear.

Paperwork, desk research, updating databases, booking accommodation and travel or even finding the right venue for an event, individually these can appear somewhat trivial tasks but yet when mounted up can become more than onerous.

We launched The Country PA to assist families and businesses in West Sussex manage these daily, weekly, monthly or annual tasks.

We charge by the hour so we can come in and out of your lives just when you need us most.

Private Households & Estates

For our families, we can help manage all elements of a busy household. For example, we can help file and process annual bills or utilities services or step in to help arrange a family get together and travel arrangements. We can also help on all aspects of Estate Management from ensuring suppliers work is on track through to ensuring fleet MOTs are up to date and everything in between.

We enjoy working closely with our clients and derive great satisfaction by helping you work through your ‘to do’ lists. By taking over these more mundane - yet essential - chores, we leave you to spend more time doing the fun things in life with your families and friends.

Corporate Assistance

Businesses benefit by using us as a freelance administration team. We can come and work out of your business office, or provide assistance remotely - or a complete mix of the two. By being able to retain us on an hourly rate, we can be as involved as you need and happily up the ante in times of need, or in busy times of the year. Examples of client projects comprise helping a client with an annual mail out, arranging sponsors and guests for a charity golf day and also updating a business database.